Insuring your home requires a dedicated professional to assist in determining all options and the best decision. Whether you are a home owner, or a renter, it is a necessity to advice on the best policy for you.

At Gateway National Insurance, we have been personally advising clients for over 31 years. Got a question? Give us a call. We can help out with all your needs: (732) 872-9696.

An advocate for your all your insurance needs.

  1. Don Ciola started his career in the insurance industry in Februay 1977. He worked for New York Live until 1981, when he opened Gateway Agency National originiating property and casualty insurance for the past 31 years Gateway National Insurance has assisted thousands with their home, automobile, boating and life insurance needs. Qualified agents with an understanding of the market conditions are able to help you.

Understanding what is covered, when needed.

  1.   Do you know what is covered in the event of an unforseen circumstance? Rest assured, we can deliver a piece of mind for you and your family. Preparing and having your property insured allows you to leave the worry out of matters in the unfortunate event something goes unforseen. Contact us. We can deliver a solution for you.

Preparing for the future.

  1.   Before your next move, new business establishment opening or recreational vehicle purchase, give us a call. We can establish your policy before you take that next step. Let us share solutions for your needs.

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Click here to send Don an email or contact him directly at 732-872-9696 to talk about insuring your home.

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With over thirty years in the insurance business, Don can assist on all levels of your needs.